I used a thin piece of rubber I happened to have to fill the extra space, so that the PCB stays pressed outwards against the frame where the radio will fit. The rubber already had self-stick adhesive on it, otherwise I guess I'd have taped it in place.

I had trouble finding something the right thickness -- .6mm is only .023", or 3/128th of an inch. Blister pack plastic is too thin, and most everything else I found around the house was too thick. I didn't really want to use sheet metal, in case it came loose and shorted something out.

(The extra piece of rubber stuck to the mounting pad was there to help reduce some of the torsion that happens when I tighten the clamp screws. It helped with the audio disconnect, but not enough to be reliable.)

Image img_6.jpg

image: Wed 03 Jun 2015 11:27:00 AM