In addition to the motor, I saved the small, heavy duty casters from the treadmill, and their matching axle bolts. I made two small brackets from some steel bar stock, and attached them to two legs of the bandsaw base. They're set so that normally they're barely off the ground. I can tilt the bandsaw onto them with a slight lift from the opposite end for minor movements, or from the near end tip it right back and move the saw like it's on a dolly. Since they're quite small, there's not much risk of tripping on them.

Tip: If I did this again, I'd compensate for the slop of the bolts in the holes in the steel brackets by moving the holes just a bit. As it is, both brackets are no longer quite horizontal, and it takes a slightly bigger tip to get them in contact with the ground.

Image img_96.jpg

image: Thu 18 Dec 2014 02:15:22 PM